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XI Les Lumières

Theme: ”Giacomo Casanova's Venice”

Production design by the festival's artistic director Marja Rumpunen



Monday 10.6 – Saturday 15.6.
Suomenlinna, Ehrensvärd museum. 2 p.m.

The most humble plan of moving Stockholm to Sicily.

The most humble plan of moving Stockholm to Sicily. Carl August Ehrensvärd's thoughts about his journey to Italy presented by his wife, Countess Sophie Sparre (Linda Zilliacus).

Music from Galuppi, Roman and Couperin performed by Elina Mustonen, harpsichord. Script, Marja Rumpunen (according to C. A. Ehrensvärd's ”Resa till Italien”).

Tickets 15 €, at the door.

Linda Zilliacus kuva: svt.se



Francesco Guardi (1712–1793)
"Il Ridotto (The Foyer)"

Monday 10.6. - Saturday 15.6.
Suomenlinna, Tenalji von Fersen. 11 a.m. – 14.30 p.m.

Lumières-Académie – Children's Venice

Commedia dell'arte workshop for little princes and princesses

In this workshop inspired by the 18th century Venetian paintings and characters from commedia dell'arte children become artists; they paint, make their own Venetian carnival masques and learn about Pulcinella, Scaramuccia, Arleccino and other characters of commedia dell'arte.

Monday: The Venice-game and getting to know the city.
Tuesday: Learning about the Commedia dell’arte characters.
Wednesday: Sinebrychoff museum à la Venice.
Thursday: Building an exhibit.
Friday: Venetian music and making of Venetian masques.
Saturday: Raffaele Dessi introduces the world of Venetian dance balls.

The event is lead by Ms Leena Hannula from Sinebrychoff Art Museum. Inquiries: 040 - 868 1420, Leena Hannula.

To sign up, please send an e-mail to: leena.hannula@fng.fi

Tickets 90 €. Includes tutoring, all materials and the dance ball on Sunday 16.6.



Wednesday 12.6.
Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Bulevardi 40. 16 p.m.

Art Museum's
grand tour in Italy.

Join an excursion into fine art and discover Italy as it is presented in painting collections of the Sinebrychoff Art Museum. Guided my Ms Leena Hannula.

Tickets 10 / 8 €. Children under 18 free of charge.

Anders Johan Lexell (1740–1784)



Saturday 15.6.
Suomenlinna, Tenalji von Fersen. 7.30 p.m.

Salon of
Natural Philosophy.
Venus – eroticism and astronomy.

Since the planet Venus has made its transit in front of the Sun on 3 June 1769, the topic in the Baroness's salon of science is women and astronomy. Baroness Edlerspjut (Marjorita Huldén) has read the recent work called ”Astronomy for ladies” written by the member of the Swedish academy of sciences, Monsieur De Lalande. The astronomer from Turku Anders Johan Lexell (Johan Stén) and his compatriot and friend Chevalier Stierneld (Osmo Pekonen) visit the salon.

Chevalier Stierneld has recently read the Marquis Condorcet’s writings on equal rights for women and introduces a new scientific publication ”Il newtonianismo per le dame” by Venetian Francesco Algarotti.

The Hungarian astronom and Jesuit Maxmilian Hell ( Krystof Fenyvesi) was the leader of the expedition to Vardö Island in Lapland for observing the transit of Venus of 1769. From Venus the conversation easily leads to Casanova.

Venice baroque orchestra ensemble together with Finnish musicians play music from Tomaso Albinoni, Baldassare Galuppi, Antonio Vivaldi and Jiří Antonín Benda.


Production design, Marja Rumpunen.
Music, Marja Rumpunen.
Dramaturgy, Marjorita Huldén and Marja Rumpunen

Tickets 15 / 20 €. lippu.fi or at the door

Pietro Longhi (1701–1785)
"The Banquet at Casa Nani, Given in Honour of their Guest, Clemente Augusto, Elector Archbishop of Cologne, on 9th September 1755"



Sunday 16.6.
Suomenlinna, Tenalji von Fersen. 2 p.m.

Lumières-Académie – afternoon of princes and princesses


Art from commedia dell'arte workshop on display. Masquerade ball conducted by Raffaele Dessin.


Tickets 15 / 10 €. lippu.fi or at the door



Kustaa III, Ruotsi-Suomen kuningas 1771–1792. Gustavo III, Re di Svezia, venetsialaisittain nähtynä. Kuninkaan toukokuussa 1784 tekemän vierailun johdosta teetetty gravyyri.

Sunday 16.6.
Ritarihuone, the House of Nobility.
Ritarikatu 1. 7 – 11 p.m.


Count Anckarbjelke (Joachim Wigelius) together with King Gustav III has returned from a grand tour in Italy where they also visited Venice. Anckarbjelke is excited to have met the famous Giacomo Casanova there. The Count invites his cousin Baroness Rosina Edlerspjut and the high society of Helsinki to a Venetian soirée dedicated to Casanova. When an unexpected news reaches the party the discussion turns to reflect Casanova's significance to Venice as well as to the entire Enlightenment era. Choreographer Raffaele Dessi takes part in the conversation with his solo piece of dance.

The world famous Venice Baroque Orchestra led by Andrea Marcon with soprano Ruth Rosique perform music from 18th century Venice: Baldassare Galuppi, Nicolo Porpora, Francesco Maria Veracini and Antonio Vivaldi.

Dance ball. Costumes and masques from Pietro Longhi's atelier in Venice. Buffet.

Dance, choreography and le Maître de ball, Raffaele Dessi.
Production design and music, Marja Rumpunen.
Script, Anneli Mäkelä.

Tickets 50 / 30 €. lippu.fi or at the door at 6.00 p.m.

FESTIVAALIN CASANOVATEKSTIEN POHJANA vasta hiljattain alkuperäisasussaan ilmestyneet muistelmat JAQUES CASANOVA DE SEINGALT: HISTOIRE DE MA VIE suivie de textes inédits

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal 1697–1768)
"Bucentaur's Return to the Pier by the Palazzo Ducale"



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