June 10th to 14th, 2015

13th Cultural Festival of The Age of Enlightenment
In Helsinki And Suomenlinna


The program has been designed by the Festival’s
Artistic Director Marja Rumpunen



Photo: Countess Sofia Lovisa Eleonora Sparre (actress Linda Zilliacus), credit: svt.se

Monday, June 8th To Sunday, June 14th
Suomenlinna, Tenalji Von Fersen
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Haydn workshop. Haydn’s music is rehearsed under guidance of
musicians from the hungarian baroque orchestra orfeo (More Information).
Course fee 90 €. The fruits of the atelier are presented sunday, june 14th at 2 p.m.
in tenalji von fersen: the esterházy salon for princes and princesses.


Maximilian Hell: Camera Obscura

Maximilian Hell

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Tenalji Von Fersen, Suomenlinna,
7.30 p.m.

Harmonia Caelestis

The Observatories Of Maximilian Hell

Countess Sofia Lovisa Eleonora Sparre’s (actressLinda Zilliacus) Philosophy of Science salon is inspired by the Viennoise „Verein der Freunde für Himmelskunde“. She has as her guest of honour the influential Hungarian Jesuit and astronomer Maximilian Hell (1720-1792) (Ph. D Kristòf Fenyvesi), who has observatories built both in Vienna and in Eger, and now, following his designs, has even been built a Camera Obscura in Tenalji von Fersen. Outlooks in European science are discussed with Hell´s correspondent, the famous astronomer from Turku, Anders Johann Lexell (1740 – 1784) (Doctor of Science in Technology Johan Stén, who has just published a book about Lexell) and the adventurer, lieutenant Stiernfeld (writer, Ph.D. Osmo Pekonen). Countess Sparre tells about the matematician Maria Gaetana Agnesi and the composer Marianne von Martinez as well as other female protegees of the Empress Maria Theresia. Mr Stierneld is reminiscing the mysterious Count Gustaf Fredrik von Rosen, one of the builders of Suomenlinna, who accompanied King Charles XII on a journey from Pitesci in Valachia through frightening Transilvania to Budapest and Pomerania. Empress Maria Theresia has now sent his physician Gerard to investigate the actual situation relating to vampires.

Musicians from the Hungarian baroque orchestra Orfeo, with György Vashegyi (More Information), vocal ensemble from Purcell choir and Marja Rumpunen, fortepiano and Eberhard Maldfeld, double bass, composers:

Paul I, Prince Esterházy,
Thaddäus Huber,
Benedek Istvánffy,
Georg Druschetzky,
Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf,
Marianna von Martine,
Joseph Haydn,
Anton Zimmermann

— Harmonia Caelestis Program —

A ball for the public with Haydn’s menuets led by a Hungarian dance master

BUFFET selling Hungarian delicacies.

Tickets from lippu.fi and at the door €25/15 €.

Maria Teresa Agnesi Pinottini Maria Theresia

Photo: © www.georgehart.com

Sunday June 14th, 2015
Tenalji Von Fersen, Suomenlinna,
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Kinder Wunderkammer

An Experience Workshop for Children and Families in Mathematics and Arts

Kinder Wunderkammer is an Experience Workshop for children and families in mathematics and arts led by Hungarian Jesuit and astronomer Maximilian Hell (1720-1792) (Ph.D. Kristóf Fenyvesi, expert of learning mathematics through the arts) and Finnish astronomer Professor Lexell (Johan Stén). Come and try puzzles of different size, join the mathematical body building based on George Hart's slide-togethers and immerse in the fantastic world of Jomili wooden building blocks.

Free for participants of Haydn atelier.
Entrance 20€/ 10€ participants under 18 years.



Sunday June 14th, 2015
Tenalji Von Fersen, Suomenlinna,
2 p.m.

Esterházy Salon for
Princes and Princesses

A Haydn concert and a ball straight from the Esterházy court,
plus an exhibition of Kinder Wunderkammer Atelier’s creations.
Maximilian Hell´s Camera Obscura is presented.

Buffet. Free entrance for the workshops´ participants and their parents.

Tickets from lippu.fi and at the door €20/10.


J.M. Kraus. J. Haydn

Sunday, June 14th
The House Of Nobility, Ritarikatu 1,
7.30 p.m.


Countess Sofia Lovisa Eleonora Sparre’s (actress Linda Zilliacus) and count Carl August Ehrensvärd (actor Tobias Zilliacus) tells about Stockholm’s court composer Joseph Martin Kraus´ visit ing the Esterházy court of Prince Nicolaus I “The Magnificent” (1762–90) in Fertöd. Now their Hungarian friends, the baroque orchestra Orfeo with soloists conducted by György Vashegyi (More Information) bring a glimpse from the Esterházy court in 1783 to Helsinki. Composers: Franz Joseph Haydn ,Benedek Istvánffy, Domenico Cimarosa, Antonio Salieri, Joseph Martin Kraus

— Esterháza 1783 Program —

György Vashegyi, dirigent
Ágnes Kertész, Györgyi Rábainé Vörös, Enikő Kiss, Ildikó Hadházy, 1. violin
Andrej Kapor, Mária Jakubik, Róza Lachegyi, 2.violin
Eszter Ilona Draskóczy, Szilvia Némethy, altviolin
Anna Sarolta Scholz, cello
Vera Balogh, flöjt
Pier Luigi Fabretti,oboe
Levente Gyöngyösi, cembalo and organ

Àgnes Verdinné Pintér, Orsoly Éva Sivák-Nyakas, sopran
Judit Anna Dévényi, alto
Zoltán Gavodi, tenor
Lóránt Najbauer, bass

BUFFET selling Hungarian delicacies and wine.

Tickets from lippu.fi and at the door €40/20.


Haydn directing a performance of his opera
L´incontro improvviso in the Esterházy theatre in 1775.